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RetakeOurDemocracy's podcast

Jun 17, 2017

Today we are speaking with the Retake Our Democracy intern and canvassing coordinator, Tom Samuels. We are going to discuss the ways in which Retake Our Democracy is working under the coordination of the Chainbreaker Collective and with a developing coalition of Santa Fe activist organizations that already include New...

Jun 3, 2017

Today we are speaking with Mark Diaz Truman in a special one hour show focusing on what effective community organizing looks like, how to build power, and how to communicate more effectively when involved in political discussions. Mark Diaz Truman is a community organizer from ABQ who was trained at Harvard by...

May 27, 2017

Today, we are speaking with three Chainbreaker members, individuals whose lived experience makes them experts in the effectiveness and impact of economic policies. In studio today we will be discussing the experiences of our three guesss Linda Martinez, T.C. Williams II, and Rocco Goodluck and how Chainbreaker has...

May 20, 2017

On this special live broadcast we speak with former Democratic candidate for Governor, Alan Webber and former City Attorney and Chief Counsel to the Tax & Revenue Department, Frank Katz to discuss how the city and state can promote community and economic development without triggering gentrification.