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RetakeOurDemocracy's podcast

Jul 15, 2017

Mayor Javier Gonzales. A special one-hour show with the Mayor of Santa Fe with the conversation ranging from the tone of civic dialog to community development, the parks, gentrification, and public transit….all with a lens on equity.

Jul 12, 2017

No guest today, so Paul Gibson spoke of the need for the Democratic Party at a State and National level to learn from the 2016 election process with a review of the Obama administration and of the recently completed Roundhouse session.

Jul 1, 2017

The guest today is Tomas Rivera, founder of Chainbreaker Collective, a non-profit organization founded 13 years ago whose purpose is to serve and advocate for Santa Fe’s most under-served populations. We will discuss the degree to which Santa Fe is a deeply divided city economically and racially and what...